House Rules

BMW IBU World Cup Biathlon Hochfilzen / Austria
10 Dec – 13 Dec 2015

General Information
The House Rules of the BMW IBU World Cup Biathlon Hochfilzen, Austria, are based on and established by the householder’s right as well as civil and public law.
Furthermore, they base themselves on the Sicherheitspolizeigesetzt (SPG) / Security Police Law and the regulations of the IBU.

The House Rules are part of the admittance of spectators and employees to the public areas of the event in operation mentioned above during the time of the event. They are applicable to the entire venue which includes the entire area marked in a separate map. The map, along with the House Rules will be published. They are applicable to all events taking place.

Purpose of the House Rules
The Purpose of the House Rules is:

  • to prevent danger or harm of persons and objects;
  • to prevent the event venue from damages and pollution;
  • to guarantee the unimpeded course of the events.

AttendanceOnly individuals carrying a valid ticket or any other valid access permit (e.g. an accreditation) or who are able to prove their right to attendance in another way are allowed on the venue.
Access permits must be produced when entering the venue or if so requested by the police or security personnel throughout the venue. If so requested, a proper ID must be produced.
Only individuals displaying order and serenity are allowed on the venue.

It is forbidden:

  • to disrupt public safety and order;
  • to bring any kind of animal;
  • to bring baby strollers, bicycles or other bulky objects (except for disability assistances in the marked zones);
  • to bring any items that are illegal to carry or own or may be used for any illegal action;
  • to bring any dangerous items and pyrotechnics of any kind;
  • to harass, scare or endanger other people;
  • to misuse alarm systems, emergency calls or emergency signals;
  • to damage or pollute the venue or the stadium;
  • to cause public nuisance or to offend common decency.

Driving or parking on the venue is only permitted with a special authorization pass. Respective limitations must be observed. The road traffic regulations are in effect on the entire venue.
Anyone under the influence of drugs and/or alcohol is not permitted on the venue even if owning a valid ticket.

Access Controls
Access and security controls are performed at all the entrances to the venue at all events.
Each spectator is required to present his/her access permit to the security personnel at his/her own accord and to hand it over for inspection if so required. This also holds true during attendance on the venue if so requested by the security personnel. In case of non-compliance, the respective person will not be granted access or will be expelled from the stadium. Validity and usability of tickets result from the General Terms for tickets by the organizer.
The security service commissioned by the organizer has the right to examine persons – also by use of technical support – whether they pose a danger for safety because of alcohol or drug consumption, because of carrying weapons or other dangerous or easily flammable items. The security service is allowed to search clothing items or any carry-on containers with permission of the respective person. To do so technical support tools and devices may be used.

Refusal of Admittance
Individuals who cannot prove their right to attendance, pose a threat to security or refuse to be searched will not be permitted to the venue. In such a case, there is no right of remuneration of the entrance fee.

Furthermore, the following persons will not granted access to the stadium:

  • individuals who, refuse to identify themselves or refuse to be searched for illegal items if so requested;
  • individuals who bring items that illegal to carry or own;
  • individuals who refuse to deposit items that could be used for illegal actions in the event area or that are illegal at a suitable spot.

Searching of Individuals
The searching of individuals has to be conducted by a person of the same gender.
Seizing and safekeeping of items
Items that must not be carried or are illegal, must be seized and turned over to the police along with the personal information of the person involved. The security personnel will ensure that items objected to at the access check which could be used for illegal actions within the event area or that are just dangerous, will not enter the premises. They are free to decide about potential safekeeping of items and are not liable for items lost or unclaimed.

Forbidden Items:

  • any pyrotechnical items
  • any items intended for striking, hitting, cutting or throwing
  • poles longer than 1,2 meters
  • unwieldy items of any kind (like strollers, scooters …)
  • any kind of weapon
  • anything made out of glass (glasses, bottles ...)
  • It is forbidden to carry any laser devices (laser pointer) or megaphones.

Carrying along Flags

  • forbidden flags
  • Any flags with racist, sexist, provocative or insulting imprints are forbidden.
  • flags showing advertisement that has not been approved by the organizer.
  • flags without a fixed frame
  • flags made of cloth fibre without a fixed frame are permitted.


  • Flagpoles made of wood must comply with the respective regulations set by the authorities. Metal flagpoles are forbidden.
  • Flagpoles made from flexible synthetic materials (e.g. KIR tubes) and telescopic flagpoles are permitted up to a total length of 120 centimeters.

Carrying Banners

  • Basic
  • When put up on the venue, banners made from cloth without a fixed frame are permitted if they neither block the view of the spectators on the course and the finish area, nor block or interfere with any advertising boards, nor interfere with TV-broadcasting.
  • Forbidden Banners
  • It is forbidden to carry banners with any kind of racist, sexist, provocative, offensive, disrespectful or political imprints as well as any kind of advertising content.

Code of Conduct

All individuals entering the venue have to behave in such a way that no other person is harmed, endangered, obstructed or harassed.
All individuals entering the venue are required not just to toss their trash, packing materials and empty receptacles without regard but to discard them into the trash bins on the venue. Doing so, the recycling rules should be observed.
All individuals entering the venue are required to follow any directives given by the police, the fire fighters, the security and first aid personnel as well as the stadium speaker.
Anyone not adhering to these directions whether deliberately or negligently, may be expelled from the venue by the police or the security personnel.
All spectators entering the venue have to take their places on the grand stands allocated by their ticket and to do so they have to use the designated entranceways only. In order to avoid any dangers or security issues spectators are bound to follow instructions by the police or security personnel to move to different spots than marked by their tickets – even to other sectors. 
All entrance and exit points, as well as, emergency, escape and rescue route must be kept clear. Regardless of the house rules, additional essential directives to avoid or remove threats to life, health or property may be issued. Therefore, any directions given by the police or the security personnel must be adhered.

Attendance on the venue is at any person's own risk. Furthermore, the organizer is only liable for damages caused by himself, his legal representatives or agents with intent or gross negligence, unless major contractual obligations are concerned. Safe deliberate action, liability of the organizer is limited to the compensation of the predictable, contractually typical damages, unless there is a gross negligence of major contractual obligations. Accidents or damages must be reported immediately.

Anyone transgressing on the House Rules may be imposed with the provided sanctions (expulsion, stadium ban, restitution and/or criminal complaint) and may be subject to legal claims for compensation.
Noncompliance with the House Rules especially any action threatening security allows the security service to expel the individual in question from the stadium or the venue.
All relevant information on the situation, including ID-information on the individual subject to the transgression on the House Rules, will be provided to the authorities to initiate criminal prosecution and to determine adequate sanctions.
Claims for compensation taking legal actions reserved.
Criminal offences and administrative offenses will be reported to the police in any case.

Audio and Video Recordings
Each person entering the venue accepts to attend to a public event and agrees that audio and video recordings may be made without payment and which may be used for live or time delayed video display, for live or time delayed broadcast, transmission or archiving, for photos or other media technologies without payment.
Spectators are aware and agree that video footage of the spectator areas throughout the venue is generated on order to ensure everyone’s general safety and to pursue any transgression on the house rules as well as any criminal offences.
All individuals entering the venue irrevocably agree to the use of their pictures and voices, recorded in connection with their attendance in the stadium or on the venue, for photographs, films, live broadcasts, transmissions and/or audio and/or video recordings by the organizer or the representative without payment for all current and future media forms.
All individuals entering the venue acknowledge that any audio and/or video recordings and/or description of the venue, of the event, as well as, of the results and/or statistics may only be used for the individual’s private purposes.
In any case it is not allowed to broadcast any audio and/or video footage, descriptions, results and/or statistics of the event via internet, radio, television or other current or future media technologies or to further third parties in any of these actions.

Final Provisions
The House Rules are applicable to all events in the course of the BMW IBU World Cup Biathlon Hochfilzen, Austria, during 10 Dec and 13 Dec 2015.
The current House Rules will be available to the spectators in a suitable fashion (publication on the organizer’s website, extracts will be posted at ticket sales points and throughout the venue).

This version is applicable to the 2015 /16 Season.