HSV Hochfilzen - Biathlon made in Austria

Here you will find all the information on the Biathlon World Cup 2015/16 in Hochfilzen. You will find all the latest information in the World Cup 2015/16 sub-menus.

Some of the information is provided as a pdf-file. To view those you will require Acrobat-Reader. The Acrobat-Reader is a free program. In case Acrobat-Reader is not installed on your system, you can download it Acrobat reader for free.

Organisationskomitee Hochfilzen
Schüttachstrasse 2A-6395 Hochfilzen
Telefon: +43 5359 20120 Telefax: +43 5359 20120-10

e-mail: office@biathlonhochfilzen.at
URL: http://www.biathlon-hochfilzen.at