Venue Rules
For Attending Events Of The
FIS/IBU Worldcup Events in Austria

1. General

In particular, for safety reasons the  Visitor  undertakes  to  carefully  read  and  to observe  the  following  guidelines  and  provisions  of  the  Venue  Rules.
The Visitor acknowledges awareness  and legitimacy of  the  Venue  Rules  once  the ticket is validated and the Visitor enters the Venue.

2. Scop

The  Venue Rules  are designed to guide the Visitors through their stay at the event, from entering the Venue till leaving the Venue.
“Venue” includes  all  areas  used  for  the  event.   The  Visitor  enters  the  Venue  by passing the security check and leaves the Venue through the exit.

3. Purpose of the Venue Rules

The purpose of the Venue Rules is

  • to prevent danger or harm to people and objects;
  • to protect the Venue from vandalism;
  • to ensure a trouble-free event.

4. Entry to the Venue

All  persons  entering  the  Venue  must  comply  with  the orders of the  police,  the  fire brigade, the security and rescue service as well as the stadium announcer. Anyone who  intentionally  or  negligently  fails  to  comply  with  these  instructions  may  be removed from the Venue by the security service or the police.
Entry  to  the  Venue  can  only  be  gained  with  a  valid  ticket  or  accreditation.

Tickets become void as  soon as the spectator leaves the venue during the Event, unless the Organizer provides a procedure for re-entering the venue with the ticket (e.g. re-scan of the tickets, marking stamps).  Access control and security check will be carried out at all access points to the Venue during all events. Upon request, a Visitor must show proof of his or her identity with appropriate ID.
All persons entering the Venue  must present the ticket to the security personnel and upon  request,  hand it over for inspection or  produce  another  authorization.  Upon request  of  the  security  service,  the  Visitor  must  present  proof  of  his/her  identity throughout his/her entire stay at the Venue. Failure to do so  may  result in a Visitor being refused from entering the Venue or being asked to leave the Venue.  Validity and use of tickets are specified in the Organiser’s General Terms and conditions.

All  persons  seeking  entrance  to  the  Venue  acknowledge  the  Organiser’s  right  to search any person and their belongings  for  hazardous  or otherwise prohibited items.

The search may include clothing, bags and other items.  For this purpose, technical aids  and  devices  can be used.  The  search must  be  conducted  by  a person of  the same sex.

Stewards and  security  officers are entitled to  refuse entry  to the  Venue  any person refusing to submit to such a search or compromising the purpose of the Venue Rules due  to a particular personal condition (e.g. alcohol or drug consumption).  The same applies to any person carrying  hazardous  or otherwise prohibited  items (see below).

In  such  a  case,  claim  for  refund  will  not  be  entertained.  It  is  at  the  steward’s  or officer’s  discretion  whether  to  permit  entry  to  the  Venue,  if  the  hazardous  or otherwise prohibited items are left outside the Venue.

Any  illegal  items  will  be  confiscated  and  handed  to  the  police  together  with  the personal data of the items’ owner.
Items prohibited under these Venue Rules may be deposited at designated places.
This  shall  not  constitute  a  safekeeping  agreement.  No  liability  is  assumed  for  lost, misplaced or damaged items. The items not collected can be disposed of or used for a purpose chosen by the Organiser.
Prohibited items include:

  • illegal items of any kind (e.g. narcotics);
  • pyrotechnical items of any kind;
  • weapons  of  any  kind  and  objects  that  have  a  weapon-like  effect,  such  as knives, darts, etc.;
  • commercial, racist, sexist, provocative, insulting, impious,  political or religious items  or items damaging the Event’s reputation  (e.g. banners, signs, flyers). Specifically prohibited are indirect advertising activities, trying to use the media presence  of  the  Event  without  being  an  accredited  sponsor  of  the  Event (Ambush-Marketing).  Security  officers  and stewards are entitled to take away any such items;
  • poles of wood (except hand flags: max. length  100 cm,  diameter  less than  1 cm)  or  metal  of  any  kind.  Other  kinds  of  poles  such  as  flagpoles  of  flexible plastic  (e.g.  KIR  pipes)  or  telescope  flagpoles  and  selfie  sticks  longer  than 1,20 m and more than 2 cm in diameter. Sticks and other mobility aids are only allowed for fragile persons;
  • bulky items of any kind (e.g. stroller, bicycle, scooter, walking frame),  except when used by handicapped persons in designated areas;
  • weapons and ammunition of any kind;
  • glass of any kind (e.g. glasses, bottles);
  • lasers of any kind (laser  pointer)  and extremely loud items (e.g. megaphones and air horn);
  • drones  and  other  flying  objects  (it  is  also  prohibited  to  operate  drones  and other flying objects from outside the Venue);
  • animals: except guide dogs and service dogs;
  • other hazardous items of any kind.

Banners  of  cloth  without  fixed  frame  are  allowed,  if  they  do  not  block  the  other spectators’ view to the piste or the finishing area. Security  officers  and stewards are entitled to remove disturbing banners.

5. Stay

Only  persons  with  a  valid  ticket  or  other  authorisation  (accreditation)  or  who  can otherwise  prove  their  right  to  enter  the  premises  are  permitted  to  stay  within  the Venue.  At all times whilst present at the Venue,  persons must produce their tickets on request of the police or steward.
Any person entering the Venue must not behave in such a way as to harm, endanger or harass others. All facilities of the Venue must be used in a careful and considerate manner.

Any person entering the Venue must not behave in such a way as to compromise the course  of  the  Event.  It  is  prohibited  to  enter  the  competition  zone  or  disturb  the course of the competition in any way (e.g. throwing of snowballs or other items at the athletes  or competition  zone).  In  case  of  non-compliance,  the  Organiser  may  seek damages from the person concerned.

Any person entering the Venue must not  drop any litter (garbage, packing materials or  empty  bottles),  but  put  it  in  the  garbage  bins.  The  recycling  rules  have  to  be observed.

Any person entering the Venue must take the seat allocated on the ticket and may only use the designated entrances. For safety  and defence reasons, Ticket Holders undertake to follow the instructions of the police and security officers, even if asked to take a seat or move to a sector other than the one allocated on the ticket.
All entrances, exits and emergency exits must be kept clear. Notwithstanding these Venue  Rules  further  rules  may  be  issued  in  exceptional  cases  to  prevent  or  avoid threat to life,  health or property. Any instructions given by the police or the security officers must be followed.

It is prohibited:

  • to disrupt public safety and order;
  • to carry  prohibited items of any kind;
  • to harass, scare or endanger other persons,  especially  athletes  while preparing for and during the competition;
  • to misuse alarm systems, emergency calls or emergency signals;
  • to damage or litter the Venue or its infrastructure;
  • to cause public nuisance or to offend common decency;
  • any behaviour contradicting the Venue Rules (see above);
  • smoking on the premises of the Venue is subject to the legal provisions.

Driving  and  parking  on  the  premises  of  the  Venue  is  only  allowed  with  special authorization. Respective restrictions must be observed. Road traffic regulations are in effect on the premises of the Venue.

6. Liability

Caution: the Venue is alpine terrain!  Visitors must adjust behaviour, clothing, shoes and equipment to the special conditions of wintery terrain.
The spectator area along  the  course  (e.g.  racing  course,  cross-country  skiing  trail, landing hill) is located in steep,  wintery terrain;  access is limited  and at his/her own risk; directions and control barriers must be observed.

The Visitor is made aware of the fact that the noise at the eve nt can be very high and may  pose  a  risk  to  the  hearing/health  of  the  Visitor.  The  spectator  has  to  take appropriate  precautions.  This  in  particular  applies  to  children  and  individuals  with sensitive hearing.
Anyone  visiting  an  Event  does  so  at  his/her  own  risk.  The  Organiser shall  be held liable  in  compliance  with  the  Terms  and  Conditions.

Accidents, damages and injuries shall  immediately  be reported to the Organiser  at the facilities intended for such incidents.

7. Non-compliance

Stewards  and  security  officers  are  entitled  to  remove  any  person  failing  to  comply with the Venue Rules from the Venue, especially if he/she is a risk to the safety or the security of the Event.  Further claims by the Organiser (e.g. claim for compensation) are subject to change.
Any criminal and administrative offenses will be reported to the police.

8. Filming, Photography and Taping

Ticket  Holders  consent  to  being  photographed,  filmed  or  taped  for  journalistic purposes  (according  to  §  9  Austrian  Data  Protection  Act),  which  may  then  be commercialised  (TV  and  radio  broadcasts,  photo,  video,  audio  etc.).  If  the  Ticket Holder  appears  on   photographs,  films,  recordings  or  images  authorised  by  the Organiser, he agrees that the Organiser or third parties appointed and/or authorised
by  the  Organiser  (e.g.  TV  stations)  shall  have   the   right   to   broadcast,   publish, license  by  every  current  or  future  technical  procedure  and   use   any   such photographs, films, recordings or images of a Ticket Holder, without requirement of the payment of money, without limits of time and space or other form of consideration in perpetuity provided that the personal interest of the Ticket Holder is not improperly offended.  In  this  context,  the  Organiser  is entitled  to  grant third parties  the  right of utilisation.
Ticket  Holders  consent  to  video  surveillance  in  all  spectator  areas  due  to  safety reasons and to sanction violations of the law or the Venue Rules. This is legitimate due to § 12 para 3 Z 2 of the Austrian Data Protection Act, since video recordings are necessary to preventively protect persons and objects at publicly accessible places, which are subject to the Organiser’s domestic authority. The footage is automatically
deleted after 72 hours unless it is needed for conservation of evidence or needed to be forwarded to the competent authority, court or national security authority.
Images, video and sound recordings, descriptions, results and/or statistics of the Event   taken  by  a  Ticket   Holder  cannot  be  used  for  any  purpose  other  than  for private and domestic purposes and a Ticket Holder may not license, broadcast or publish video and/or sound recordings on the internet, radio, TV or other present or future technologies, and may not exploit images, video and/or sound recordings
for commercial purposes under any circumstances.
The  Ticket  Holder  shall  grant  the  Organiser  the  right  of  utilisation  on  pictures  or videos  showing  scenes  of  a  sports  competition  as  soon  s/he  exploits  these commercially (e.g. monetised YouTube channel).

9. Final Provisions

These Venue Rules shall apply to all Events of the  FIS and IBU  Nordic World Cup  in Austria.
These Venue Rules shall  be  made  available  to  the  Visitors (on  the  Organiser’s website  /  on  linked  Internet  platforms, summaries are posted at the box-offices and in the Venue).