Norway secures relay competition victory

Winners’ podium

Hochfilzen’s Relay Competition Men ended with a commanding victory of the Norwegian team. The Scandinavian quartet of Sturla Holm Laegreid, Tarjei Boe, Johannes Thingnes Boe and Vetle Sjaastad Christiansen required only five reloads and lead the team from France by 21.2 seconds. The podium was completed by the team from Russia. The team of the Austrian Ski Federation with David Komatz, Simon Eder, Felix Leitner and Patrick Jakob finished 16th with a total of ten reloads, one penalty loop and trailing 4:37.1 minutes behind.

Race progress:

Start racer David Komatz did not have an optimal day at the shooting range today. The Styrian needed to reload twice in each position but avoided a penalty loop. In tenth position and trailing 1:04.6min behind the 30-year-old handed over to Simon Eder. After a clean prone shooting the veteran also had big problems in the standing position. He required all three reloads and even had to do a penalty loop. Thus, the team of the Austrian Ski Federation was in 16th place at the halfway point of the race (+1:56.6min). Then it was time for Felix Leitner to race. The Tyrolean showed a strong performance, as he did in yesterday’s pursuit, missing only one shot and advancing the Austrian team to the twelfth place (+2:33.8min). Final skier, Patrick Jakob, requiring two reloads crossed the finish line in 16th place trailing the winner by 4:37.1min.

Simon Eder: Nobody is immune to a penalty loop. I have been struggling all week in standing position. Nonetheless, having a target remaining after three reloads is a rare occurrence for me. The pace was brutal and even before the shooting I realized that it could get dicey.”

Felix Leitner: “Skiing and shooting was perfect today. It almost felt like a shortened sprint today as I have been skiing completely alone. I managed the race well, always attacking when I felt strong and working calmly at the range. I am happy with the one reload and I want to take this upward curve in my performance to France now.”

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