Praise for the president of the IBU

The Austrian Ski Association invited guests to thank them for their help – friends, co-workers, VIP-guests, the IBU president Anders Besseberg and Hochfilzen’s mayor Konrad Walk followed the invitation. In his opening speech ÖSV General Secretary Dr. Klaus Leistner and ÖSV Vice President Anton Leikam criticised the allocation process of the WC in Meran. The IBU president though took the chance to express his respect and gratitude for the event organizers.

“We are one big family and a family sticks together even if there are difficulties every now and then. Just like how it was in the lead up to the World Championships. But like in the past we’ve overcome those challenges and all what’s left to say is: these Championships are fantastic, I’ve hardly ever followed such exciting races. Speaking of it I’d like to mention the skijumpers who besides the length of their jumps have to mind their posture too. Applied to Hochfilzen this WC earns 20 points in all means.  I want to thank everyone for their commitment especially the ÖSV, the OC team under the lead of Franz Berger, all staff and of course the athletes. On behalf I want to hand this souvenir to Monika (Berger) for these perfectly organized championships.”

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