After 34 years, Franz Berger bids farewell to the International Biathlon Union

In May 2022, when of the 60th IBU TC meeting was held at the Bio-Hotel Stanglwirt in Going (AUT), Franz Berger, in Austria also known as Mr. Biathlon, announced his departure from the International Biathlon Union.

Back in 1988, Berger was elected as a member of the Technical Committee of the International Biathlon Union (back then known as the International Union for Modern Pentathlon & Biathlon). Through his tireless efforts and his many years of experience as an official, he was playing a big part in making the sport of biathlon a worldwide attraction. He was actively involved in executing and implementing the separation from modern pentathlon to the independent biathlon federation (IBU). For decades, Berger held the position of referee chairman in the Technical Committee. He was chairman for licensing and a member of the rules-subcommittee.

Across borders and with a lot of passion, Berger was involved in the construction and expansion of various stadiums, including the biathlon stadium of Hochfilzen which now is among the most modern in the world.

He was also perfectly fitted for the job of race director of the International Biathlon Union which he performed from 2005 to 2014 – in this role he was also a major influence. And still his opinion is very important to all IBU colleagues.

“34 years have been a long time and there comes a point to quit”, Berger said. “I have been able to contribute a lot of my knowledge, learn new things and experience a lot, and now I am retiring from my IBU official’s duties with a smile on my face”, Berger continued.

President Olle Dahlin thanked Franz Berger for his decades of service and acknowledged Berger as a pioneer and as a solid rock in the sport of biathlon.


Photo: OC Biathlon Hochfilzen

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