Another Triumph for Bö in the Pursuit

After winning the sprint competition, Johannes Thingnes Bö has also taken the victory in the pursuit at the Hochfilzen world cup. The 26-year-old cleared all 20 targets and was celebrating an undisputed victory. The other two spots on the podium went to Alexander Loginov from Russia (+33.5 sec) and Emilien Jacquelin from France (+40.5 sec), both of them shooting flawless as well.

There was no top result for Austria today. Best ÖSV athlete was Felix Leitner who started the race in eighth position finished in 20th place with three penalty loops. Julian Eberhard who also missed three targets finished in 22nd place thanks to a strong skiing performance.

Felix Leitner: “My reaction at the second prone shooting was wrong. After the second miss I have reversed my adjustment and it went fine from there. My skiing performance was okay but not as strong as yesterday. I have not been able to build up enough steam uphill.”

Julian Eberhard: “It did not go the way I had hoped. I was only able to win a couple of positions which is positive. Of course, I am disappointed, however, the skiing performance was alright – three of the shooting bouts as well. It has only been the fourth single competition and I get a feeling that certain things are going well now. Now I have to keep calmly working along those lines.”

Ricco Groß (ÖSV Head Coach): “Temporarily, the prone shooting has been quite uncontrolled, Julian’s first bout of shooting resulting in two misses, Felix’ second one with two misses too. If those things do not happen, we are able to compete and a top ten result is possible.”

Pictures: OK Hochfilzen/EXPA/Adelsberger

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