Boe of Norway triumphant in Men Sprint Competition

Johannes Thingnes Boe has won the sprint in Hochfilzen. The Norwegian cleared and followed through with the best course time against Martin Fourcade who had to settle for the second place. He won by 12.4 seconds over the world cup total score leader. Jakov Fak, from Slovenia, who also has also cleared all ten targets took the third place, trailing the winner by 35.4 seconds.

Julian Eberhard saved the day for the Austrian men’s team for whom the 10 km competition has been otherwise utterly disappointing with. The 31-year-old from Saalfelden had to do a penalty loop after the prone shooting but a very good final lap got him the eleventh place (+1:13.6) and quite a good position for tomorrow’s pursuit competition. Next to Eberhard, only Simon Eder (35th/2 misses) and Daniel Mesotitsch (56th/1 miss) haven been able to qualify for tomorrow’s pursuit competition out of a total of six ÖSV-athletes.

*** Responses ***

Johannes Thingnes Boe: “Of course, being first is better than being second. I like Hochfilzen and I am consistently impressed by the atmosphere. I did not want to save my energy and I was tired in the end but I have given it everything that I got and it paid off.“

Martin Fourcade: “There is no way to talk about a battle for the first place. While I have shot very well, I have never had the chance to win.“

Jakov Fak: „I am very happy about my spot on the podium. Tomorrow’s conditions will definitely make the race more difficult as the expected snow fall will take ist toll on everyone.“

Julian Eberhard: „Such a good results consists of several parts. Everything that I have been able to influence was my performance and I am quite happy with it. I have been feeling well physically and I have also done well at the shooting range. Now I have to analyze where and why I have been trailing a minute behind. However, I also think that the start number wasn’t that good either today.“

Photos: OK Hochfilzen/EXPA/JFK

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