Domracheva dominating Women Sprint Competition

Darya Domracheva has been dominating the women sprint competition of Hochfilzen. The 31-year-old from Belarus was perfect at the shooting range and took the victory 22.1 seconds over Olympic Champion Anastasiya Kuzmina from Slovakia and 30.6 seconds over Dorothea Wierer from Italy who had to do one penalty loop, just like Kuzmina.

The best Austrian athlete was Lisa Theresa Hauser who took the 29th place with two misses, trailing 1:40.3 behind. Dunja Zdouc was the second ÖSV-athlete to qualify for tomorrow’s pursuit competition.

*** Opinions ***

Darya Domracheva: „I am very happy. It is so marvelous that I have made even under these difficult conditions, particularly as my last victory dates back to May 2015. My daughter has been watching and I hope it has been just as great for her as it has been for me.“

Anastasiya Kuzmina: „It is a wonderful feeling being here. I like the sprint and I am simply comfortable with this discipline.“

Dorothea Wierer: “The spot on the podium feels good. I am also feeling good on the course at the moment. The heavy snow fall prevented me from seeing almost anything and I had to take off my goggles as well. However, the conditions were the same for everyone and, therefore, it was a fair race. I do not have much confidence for tomorrow yet as I do not feel quite secure on the range.“

Photos: OK Hochfilzen/EXPA/JFK

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