Gabriela Koukalová sprints to gold

Second day of the World Championships in Hochfilzen and the first gold medal for Czech Republic with these title matches. Gabriela Koukalová, pretty as a picture, not only got her first gold in a World Championship race, but also her victory premiere in Hochfilzen.

During the exciting 7,5 km sprint race she left behind the big favourite Laura Dahlmeier from Germany with four seconds, French Anaïs Chevalier captured rank three. The 27 year old shot clean – just like Dahlmeier – and impressed with a strong performance in the track during this 7,5km race. Anaïs Chevalier from France got bronze, she was just like Koukalová and Dahlmeier without any penalty loop.

For Austria’s ladies, however, this Friday didn’t go as requested. In front of about 9.100 spectators the ÖSV quartet wasn’t concerned with the fight for the front positions, with Lisa Hauser giving away a better rank than the 23rd with one penalty, of all things in prone shooting. Also Dunja Zdouc registered one penalty, finishing on rank 47. Katharina Innerhofer became 6oth and Fabienne Hartweger ended after four penalty loops only on rank 83.

Gabriela Koukalová: „I was told during the race, that Laura is lying ten seconds behind me. I barely could believe that, because she’s normally fast as a horse. I still don’t realize it, am I dreaming?”

Laura Dahlmeier: „It was a perfect race form e. Gabi simply was a bit faster. A clean shooting was especially important to me today – and I achieved that. Now I look ahead and am looking forward to my favourite competition – the pursuit race.”

Anaïs Chevalier: „It is nice, having been the best French woman today, I’m happy about the result, but there are still many races coming and my team mates are very strong as well.“

Lisa Hauser: „Of course the penalty hurts, since I should get through with a clean shooting. I didn’t feel that fresh in my legs, too. Altogether I’m still not discontent with the race. The intervals are tight and there is still something possible forward. Now I’m looking forward to some recovery. On Sunday there is a competition I do like more. There I can play to my strength better.”

10/02/2017 Sprint Women


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