Germany taking first gold (Results)

Austrian relay on rank 9

Gorgeous weather, almost 11.000 excited spectators on the tribunes and along the course – the start of the Biathlon World Championships fulfilled almost all expectations. Those of the hosts of course and above all those of the numerous German fans. For Germany took the much sought-after gold in the mixed relay in the line up Vanessa Hinz, Laura Dahlmeier, Arnd Peiffer and Simon Schempp, ahead of France and Russia. The “almost” refers to the Austrian team with Lisa Theresa Hauser, Fabienne Hartweger, Simon Eder and Dominik Landertinger who had to be content with rank 9 to this home World Championships’ kick-off, of course having hoped for more.

Hauser started well, relaying on position 3, but World Championships debutant Fabienne Hartweger had to go in the penalty loop and the hosts fell back on the intermediate rank 14. Of course Eder and Landertinger couldn’t compensate that, even though they caught up, medals were clearly out of reach.

In the battle for medals, the Germans went on a lonely gold track from the first change on, while Italy, France and Russia put up an exciting fight of three for silver and bronze. Fourcade won the latter, benefiting of more reserves in the finish against Russia’s Shipulin. Italy fell yet back after the last shooting from rank 2 to 4.

Simon Schempp: „This was a perfect start for the German team – we all gave our best on this golden day and are very happy with this result.“

Martin Fourcade: „This was a good competition. However, I had no chance of catching up with Simon Schempp, that’s why I absolutely wanted the silver medal.”

Anton Shipulin: „The pressure was very high, but because all were so fast, we couldn’t show how good we really are. It was a hard fight – really not my best fight hitherto, but we are all happy that we still got it onto the stadium.”

Lisa Hauser: „It was a cool feeling to start as first with this setting. The two reload bullets were a pity, because otherwise I could have relayed as leader. It particulary irritates me that I missed the first reload bullet.”

Fabienne Hartweger: „The wind had changed during the series. It’s stupid, because such things shouldn’t happen at the home shooting range actually.”

Simon Eder:„There are still some reserves with the two reload bullets yet, the prone series was great however. It was the expected hard kick-off.”

Dominik Landertinger: „A penalty loop is simply too much in this elite field. I felt good, the shooting was nice and regarding the skiing I could make a good pace upwards. Nice that the World Championships started. Now one is in a rhythm, now it’s going on.“

The next medal decision is scheduled on Friday, 2:45 p.m. with the women’s sprint.

09/02/2017 Mixed Staffel


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