Norway rejoicing in Women Relay Competition

The Norwegen team has won the 4 x 6 km women relay competition in Hochfilzen. Despite one penalty loop, Karoline Knotten, Ingrid Tandrevold, Tiril Eckhoff and Mart Olsbu Roiseland took the top podium in an exciting competition 8.2 seconds in front of Russia (Kristina Reztsova, Laris Kuklina, Svetlana Mironova and Ekaterina Yurlova-Percht). The battle for third place was also thrilling until the end. Switzerland, represented by the three Gasparin-sisters and final leg runner Lena Haecki, have been delighted to win the second relay podium in a row in the end.

Finishing in 14th place, this competition has been a disappointment for the Austrian team. Start leg runner Julia Schwaiger has kicked off the race successfully. The 23-year-old from Salzburg handed over in a strong third position (+10.6 sec) to her fellow Salzburg countrywoman Katharina Innerhofer. The currently best skier of the ÖSV team completely botch her shooting bouts. Two penalty loops in prone position were followed by another one in standing position. Thus the ÖSV team was passed through to 19th place (trailing more than 3 minutes behind) Lisa Hauser and Christina Rieder have been able to slightly improve the result with good performances. However, after three penalty loops and nine reloads, Austria had to settle for the 14th place.

Julia Schwaiger: “Thanks to the service team – I had some superb material and I have been able to soak in the energy of the spectators who have supported me fantastically along the course.”

Katharina Innerhofer: “I am so sorry for the team. The range conditions have changed compared to the zeroing and I have reacted completely wrong. I have almost grown completely desperate at the shooting range, particularly, as I am quite a good shot in prone position.”

Lisa Hauser: “I have tried to make up for some time and thus, have taken some risks at the shooting range accordingly. The race was okay. Now I am fully concentrated on tomorrow’s competition. It will be full throttle then.

Christina Rieder: “I have been skiing very fast to make up a couple of positions. You win some, you lose some as a team. Today Kathi (Innerhofer, editor’s note) was the one who got nabbed.

Pictures: OK Hochfilzen/EXPA/Adelsberger

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