The IBU World Championships Biathlon Hochfilzen 2017 was presented to an audience of millions at Oslo. The delegation including OC Chief Franz Berger had to do a true advertisement marathon during the past 14 days.


The Organizing Committee of the IBU World Championships Biathlon Hochfilzen 2017, along with civic representatives and representatives of the tourism association PillerseeTal and the Tyrol Marketing has made use of the the WCH Oslo for a common promotion campaign. Franz Berger and his team attracted the attention of the 135.000 spectators at the Holmenkollen stadium with spots on the video walls, interviews and promotion activities. The Hochfilzen Welcome Pavilion was popular accordingly, as Florian Phleps, tourism association executive, has been reporting: “Interest in the World Championships Hochfilzen 2017 was huge. More than 15.000 flyers have been issued at the pavilion alone.” The information presented in cooperation with the Tyrol Marketing was part of a cross media campaign that gave the participants the chance of winning a holiday in the Kitzbühler Alpen region. “There’s a vast request for rooms in the region”, confirmed Bettina Geisl, chairman of the tourism association. Together with the Oslo OC Director Per Bergerud, the Hochfilzen delegation also presented the VIP area and took a tour of the Oslo stadium.


Popular Interview Partners

Franz Berger of the OC Biathlon, Mayor Konrad Walk and tourism association executive Florian Phleps had to do a true interview marathon. Microphones were pointed at the representatives of the region at any time; whether it was by the ORF or by the Norwegian Television or many of the other TV stations from more than 25 countries as well as at the press conferences in front of 450 accredited media representatives from more than 34 countries. The formal IBU flag presentation which was broadcast live left a noticeably impressed Mr. Berger: “We have seen a perfect WCH. In accordance with our Tyrolean traditions and with the experience of international competitions we will organize a magnificent biathlon event in 2017.” The PillerseeTal representatives were also impressed by the Norwegian hospitality and their support for the 2017 WCH. Mayor Konrad Wank assessed that as a manifestation of the status Hochfilzen is enjoying in the Biathlon World: “This awesome hospitality towards our delegation is also a sign of trust in Franz Berger and the OC Hochfilzen by the Biathlon World. I share that trust and I believe Hochfilzen to be optimally prepared for THE international winter sports event 2017.” It was very emotional for the tourism association executive to be presenting his home region in the cradle of Nordic sports and experiencing the enthusiasm for the WCH Hochfilzen here in Olso. “The possibility to present our Kitzbühler Alpen and the Tyrol here is also very valuable regarding tourism demand”, Florian Phleps concluded.

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